Also known as Oranienbaum (after the Palace of the same name), this is a small town with the furthest west of the palaces lining the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland, and remains little visited by foreign tourists. In spite of the geography it remained unoccupied by the Nazis and therefore the Oranienbaum Palace, a gift of Peter the Great to his great friend Menshikov, is the only one of the out-of-town estates that was not all but destroyed during the fighting. Nevertheless years of Soviet neglect took their toll, and recent private-sector renovations have restored the palace and its extensive parkland in a sympathetic way. Look out for the grand canal which allowed Menshikov to sail right up to his palace from the Gulf, and make sure you leave time to stroll round the park which inspired 19th century Russian landscape artist Shishkin to paint some of his most iconic pine forest pictures.

The town has a beautiful church dedicated to the Archangel Michael, and is accessible from the city via marshrutkas which pass through Strelna and Peterhof or by elektrichka from Baltiysky railway station.

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