This is where it all began, when Peter created a stronghold on the site of an earlier Swedish fort which was later to become the St Peter and Paul Fortress. There is plenty to see and do in the fortress itself to keep visitors busy for a day or more, but there is more to Petrogradskaya that is worth the trip and will help visitors to understand the history of this fascinating city. Peter the Great's Cottage is just along the embankment, heavily renovated but retaining the original dimensions and modesty which stand in sharp contrast to his friend Menshivov's palaces on Vasilievsky ostrov and in Lomonosov. Continuing the theme, visitors interested in military matters should check out the Artillery Museum and then take in the Battelship Avrora, in Soviet times an almost sacred stop on all Communist-themed tours but still an interesting stop. The Museum of Political History is located in the Kseshinskaya Mansion and is a fascinating glimpse into particularly Soviet era history. Petrogradskaya also has a large number of Style moderne buildings, reflecting Art nouveau in a Russian idiom.

For entertainment, Petrogradskaya is home to football club Zenit's home ground of Petrovsky Stadium, at least until the new Zenit ground is ready, due for completion in advance of World Cup matches in 2018. 

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