If you're arriving at Pulkovo and coming by road into the center of the city, then this is the first immediately recognizable district of the city you'll come to. There are few must see sights in this part of the city, but it makes a handy base  between the historic center and the airport for those who value accessibility. 

Characterized by the enormous avenues and sweeping vistas across squares beloved of Soviet town-planners, photographers will enjoy snapping some of the monumental architecture of the post war period. As the city expanded outwards after the war, Soviet architects incorporated existing historical monuments such as the Narva and Moscow gates (which had once been on the outskirts of the city), into an urban city-scape fit for the working classes. Moskovsky prospekt is the city's widest thoroughfare, stretching some 60 metres from one side to another, and as straight as an arrow. It provided access to Tsarskoe Selo for Russian monarchs from the 18th century onwards, and was renamed in honour of the capital only in 1956. The Moscow Triumphal Gate was built in the 1830s to commemmorate Russia's victory against the Tuks in the war of 1828-1829 and was for a brief period the largest prefabricated cast-iron structure in the world. In 1941 parts of the gate were dismantled to be used as anti-tank obstacles against the Nazi occupiers. Moscow Square with its monumental Lenin statue is also the location of one of the city's largest venues, the Petersburg Sport and Concert Complex (formerly named after Lenin), which has room for 25,000 spectators. Also in proximity is the little visited Chesma Palace and Church dating from the 1770s, originally built so Catherine the Great could stop to rest on the way between the Winter Palace and her summer estates. But it is Park Pobedy (Victory Park) itself which attracts most visitors. Beneath the enormous figures of soldiers and citizens who contributed to victory is a memorial hall which makes a somber place for reflection. 

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