Summer Delights: Exploring St Petersburg's Vibrant Cultural Festivals

St Petersburg

Experience the Excitement of St Petersburg's Summer Celebrations

1. The White Nights Festival

Experience the magical White Nights Festival in St Petersburg, where the city becomes alive during the summer solstice. Enjoy breathtaking fireworks, concerts, ballet performances, and the famous Scarlet Sails celebration.


2. St Petersburg International Ballet Award

Witness the world's greatest ballet stars performing at the prestigious St Petersburg International Ballet Award. Immerse yourself in the elegance and beauty of classical dance.


3. Scarlet Sails

Don't miss the vibrant Scarlet Sails event, where a ship with scarlet sails sails along the Neva River. This traditional celebration of high school graduation is accompanied by an impressive fireworks display.


4. Stars of the White Nights

Indulge in an array of cultural performances during the Stars of the White Nights festival. Experience outstanding ballet, opera, and classical music performances by world-renowned artists.


5. Russia Day

Celebrate Russia Day, the country's national holiday, in the historic city of St Petersburg. Enjoy parades, concerts, and various cultural events that showcase the rich heritage of Russia.


6. International Festival of Street Theaters

Be entertained by colorful and spectacular street performances during the International Festival of Street Theaters. Watch acrobats, clowns, musicians, and puppeteers take over the city's streets.


7. Palaces of St Petersburg Festival

Explore the opulent palaces of St Petersburg during the Palaces of St Petersburg Festival. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the city's architectural gems, attend exhibitions, and enjoy live music.


8. Festival of Fountains

Marvel at the splendid water displays during the Festival of Fountains, held in the beautiful Peterhof Palace complex. Watch as majestic fountains dance to music, creating a mesmerizing spectacle.


9. Classical Music Evenings in the Summer Garden

Relish in the harmonious melodies of classical music in the enchanting Summer Garden. As the sun sets, listen to the soothing sounds of renowned musicians performing timeless compositions.


10. Russian Museum Seasonal Exhibitions

Visit the Russian Museum during its seasonal exhibitions to admire an exceptional collection of Russian fine art. Explore paintings, sculptures, and installations that showcase the nation's artistic heritage.