Unforgettable Spring Blossoms: Discovering the Beauty of St Petersburg's Gardens

St Petersburg

Witness the Spectacular Bloom of Spring in St Petersburg

1. Summer Garden

Visit the historic Summer Garden, a magnificent baroque garden featuring meticulously trimmed hedges, picturesque alleys, and a delightful collection of sculptures and fountains.


2. New Holland Island

Experience the unique blend of historic architecture and urban gardens at New Holland Island. This revitalized public space offers picturesque pathways, landscaped gardens, and cultural events.


3. Mariinsky Garden

Visit the Mariinsky Garden, a beautifully landscaped park adjacent to the Mariinsky Palace. Discover an abundance of vibrant flowers, elegant statues, and scenic views of St Petersburg's skyline.


4. Field of Mars

Uncover the beauty of the Field of Mars, a historic public garden with lush lawns, vibrant flowers, and commemorative monuments. Enjoy a leisurely walk or a peaceful picnic in this idyllic spot.